International best practices

in waste prevention

and separate collection

The congress of reference at state level in matters of municipal waste management




The space where the most innovative models and solutions are showcased

Reference international forum that brings together the best experiences at an international level in the field of waste prevention and management. More than 50 successful cases, among which San Francisco, Milan, Seoul, the Giro d’Italia, the Walt Disney Company, Copenhagen, Stockholm, among many others, stand out, have participated in the 5 previous editions of the Forum.

Private Sector

A 360 concept

Administration + Private Sector + Citizenship

An event that shows that it is possible to change the way we live if the three sectors involved act together (administration, private sector and citizens).

From the creation and production of the space, to catering and communication. Wasteinprogress also represents a reference at organizational level. An event that incorporates 360 strategies to reduce the carbon footprint: with a space that minimizes the use of materials and is designed emphasizing the concept of reuse, with reused furniture from urban spaces and city equipment, with a catering proposal that incorporates all the elements to avoid food waste and with specific projects that you will be able to discover throughout the 3 days of the Forum.


Strategies to promote circular business models from the local administration

The last edition of Wasteinprogress went a step further with a 360 project linking public administration, private initiatives based on circular models and citizenship.

With the participation of:


Previous editions

Why Girona

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