2023 EDITION — APRIL 18 · 19 · 20

Thank you, thank you and 1,700 thanks to all the attendees, exhibiting companies, international speakers, members of the debate table and everyone who participated to make the forum possible for another year

2023 Edition Papers


Technological opportunities and challenges



Marc Sansó

MIWA – BELGIUM: Two waste collection systems and a unique integrated technology of user ID

Sven Peeters

TREVISO: A consolidated door-to-door model that implements a technological change

Paolo Contò

PISA: Container system with access control for all fractions

Marco Redini

SCHLESWIG-HOLSTEIN: Identification of bumps in door-to-door collection for a fairer rate system And how to adapt the system in areas with verticality

Dennis Kissel

Efficient selective collection systems in Catalunya

Agència de Residus de Catalunya

Pilar Chiva

Door to door with user ID technology in a city of more than 20,000 inhabitants


Mª Dolors Colom i Montse Bosch

Closed and grouped smart containers


Irma Geli i Empari Vilà

Three pilot trials involving three different access control technologies


Lídia Bartra Celdrán

Usurbil’s experience: 14 years with an identified door to door


Amaia Martiarena


Legal opportunities and challenges



Juan José Pernas Garcia

10 basic principles on taxation and waste

Martin Steiner

A new framework for waste taxation and local financing

Ignasi Puig

GARANTE PER LA PROTEZIONE DEI DATI PERSONALI: Data protection and privacy regulations when the user’s participation in waste collection is identified

Francesca Cecamore

MONZA: The municipal waste order compliance inspection system and other related legal issues

Serena Trussardi & Valentina Guelpa

Privacy by design

Alessandro Mantelero

Tools to assist in implementing fair rates

Agència de Residus de Catalunya

Teresa Guerrero

Privacy and fair rate

Autoritat Catalana de Protecció de Dades

Xavier Urios Aparisi

The municipal waste ordinance of Madrid


Enrique García Romero

Inspection procedures of bags in closed containers

Urola Erdiko Mankomunitatea

Orkatz Goenaga

Data protection related to the door-to-door ID collection service


Verònica Vidal


Behavioral opportunities and challenges


Salacea & Provincia de Bihor – Romania. Are there social limits in the implementation of an identification system?

Pásztai Zoltán Attila & Horváth Béla

STOCKHOLM – Empirical study on behavior in front of several new waste collection models

Henrik Siepelmeyer & Lars-Olov Andersson

HERTFORDSHIRE – Waste Aware: How to involve citizens in waste recycling?

Helena Jackson

NETHERLANDS – Behavioral psychology: a key element in the implementation of new waste collection systems

Luuk Bos i Anne Claudia Lanting

Closure Experience

Marta Romo

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