Fira de Girona — Passeig de la Devesa, 34

A sustainable place

Maximum creativity,
minimum material

TWOBO Arquitectura and Spora Comunicació have created a functional and an open space to facilitate the interaction between people, with a minimum of materials and using reusable elements in order to not generate any waste in the Forum’s production.

Àgora Escofet,
100% recycled urban furniture

Escofet, a Barcelona-based company, a reference in transforming cities and public spaces, is collaborating with the Forum by installing furniture for the central Agora, made from 100% recycled concrete and plastic.

The zero
waste place

The location and activities that take place are designed to be waste-free. The catering service uses reusable tableware, km0 products and ensures the prevention of food wastage.

Distribution of exhibitors

  • A.1 URD Group
  • A.2 Urbaser
  • A.3 ID&A
  • A.4 FCC Medi Ambient
  • A.5 Seigarbost
  • A.6+A.7 Spora + ID·Waste
  • A.8 Nexus Geographics
  • A.9 PreZero
  • A.10 Rototank
  • A.11 Grau Maquinària
  • A.13 Ecoembes
  • A.14 Agència de Residus de Catalunya
  • B.1 OHL Servicios – Ingesan
  • B.2 Associació de Municipis Catalans per la recollida selectiva Porta a Porta
  • B.3 Dorlet Waste
  • B.4 Ecocomputer
  • B.5 Nord Easy Ibérica
  • B.6 Moheda Group 
  • B.7+B.8 Novamont
  • B.9 Disseny Barraca
  • B.10 Ros Roca
  • B.11 Aporta Cooperativa d’Innovació
  • B.12 Roba Amiga
  • B.13+B.14 Maya
  • B.15 Komtainer
  • B.16 MOBA
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