International forum for municipal waste management

Introducing international successes and new municipal waste management tools.

Introducing Business Innovation Initiatives

Projects that have the potential to contribute to recycling goals and outcomes.

Professional gathering

Presence of specialised companies capable of supporting administrations in the process of improving waste management.

Connection space between the public and private sectors

Space driven by knowledge and innovation, in the field of municipal waste management.

ideal place

Ciutat líder en recollida selectiva
Best selective collection results for Catalan cities of over 50,000 people.

Knowledge hub & University city.
Development of the city in connection with the University. Transversal and multidisciplinary campus with presence all over the city.

Good geographical location
Linked to Europe and the peninsula by aerial, railway (TAV) and road networks.

Excellent hotel and gastronomical offer.
Over 700 rooms booked in 3 and 4 star hotels. Diverse gourmet offer, with local products from the sea and the mountains.

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