CASSIARI 100% SUSTAINABLE®: recycled/biocompostable and water-soluble bags

Our new generation of recycled/biocompostable and water-soluble bags, CASSIARI 100% SUSTENIBLE®, are made with up to 60% less plastic with the same or better quality than similar products. How do we do it? Investing in research, constantly improving our production lines and most importantly, developing more efficient materials that reduce the use of raw materials (new and recycled).

Being manufactured with up to 60% less plastic, it drastically reduces the consumption of raw materials, optimize the distribution (by taking up less space, more rolls enter per box/pallet/truck) and facilitate recycling in the plants treatment . This results in more efficient recycling with less energy use.

Our bags have been designed for: bags for waste, supermarket bags, agricultural plastics, pipes or containers.

Ciempozuelos (Madrid)


Posted on

28 de February de 2023

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