Designed to concretely address the current need to control waste collection in complex operating environments, EASY COVER+ is not a simple container, but an elegant element of urban furniture that ensures the identification of waste disposed by each user: In fact, the container only permits citizens with an authorized card to dispose of the waste.

Designed as an elegant and modern element of urban furniture, Easy Cover+ integrates seamlessly with the collection systems already used in the region; despite its small dimensions, it can accommodate containers with wheels in accordance to the UNI EN 840 standard. In fact, the same model fits 240-litre and 360-litre containers.

By lifting the lid, equipped with a wide and practical handle, the user can deposit the waste inside the container: the dimensions of the waste inlet, 300 x 220 mm, guarantee ease of use while avoiding the introduction of too large waste; the sturdy hinges ensure that all the opening and closing operations of the lid are done in a comfortable and safe way.

For even more practical and hygienic use, the door can also be opened by the user using the pedal, made of robust stainless steel.



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31 de March de 2023

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