The Easy system: Minimum errors, more quality

The Easy system combines:
a. Technology: it is the most innovative collection system on the market.
b. Reliability: more than 600 equipment and more than 150,000 containers have been supplied in Spain.
c. Quality,:the containers have a useful life of more than 15 years.
d. Performance, the collection cycle of a container is 49 seconds.
e. Versatile: the team collects containers both on the right and left of the road, as well as underground and surface containers in a single route.

We have a wide range of containers from 1,500l to 7,000l in surface and underground containers, therefore, the Easy waste collection system is suitable for municipalities with 8,000 inhabitants and for those with 3,000,000 inhabitants, as well as bodywork equipment with special widths of 2,300 and 2,100mm and with two axles.

Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid)


Posted on

28 de February de 2023

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