User identification: the common goal

FCC Medi Ambient is immersed in a set of projects accompanying our clients where public-private technical collaboration is essential. All these projects in progress and new projects to be incorporated soon, have a common objective, which is the identification of the user in order to achieve the selective collection that marks us in the current and immediate future legislation. Concrete experiences at the level of door-to-door and commercial collections, such as closing containers of different fractions, typologies (side load, bilateral or rear), and with different technological partners, are the key in this triangle of success. These experiences that are being carried out in different municipalities such as Girona, Mataró, Anoia, Cornellà de Llobregat, El Papiol, Tiana,… feed this know-how and bring value to FCC Medi Ambient.



Posted on

23 de March de 2023

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